La Leche League of MD-DE-DC
Providing breastfeeding support for parents in
Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia
About La Leche League
​La Leche League is an international, non-profit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, parent to parent support, and encouragement to parents who want to breastfeed. Accredited by La Leche League International, volunteer Leaders are experienced breastfeeding parents who are familiar with research and current findings dealing with all aspects of nursing. We offer practical information and support to parents and the community through telephone help, monthly meetings, community education, and lending libraries of books on childbirth, breastfeeding, and related parenting topics. All parents interested in breastfeeding are welcome to attend our meetings or to call our Leaders for breastfeeding help.

What are LLL meetings like?
Attending La Leche League meetings can help you learn about breastfeeding from other nursing parents. At these monthly meetings, peers share not only their questions and concerns but also the benefits and joys of breastfeeding. Knowing others who have breastfed their babies can be helpful and reassuring. It is also important to have the accurate, up-to-date information that is provided by the accredited Leader or Leaders at each meeting.

Discussion topics include:
* Advantages of Breastfeeding for Lactating Parent, Baby, and the World
* Preparing for Baby, Birth, and Baby's First Weeks
* Avoiding and Overcoming Difficulties
* Nutrition, Weaning, and Changes as Baby Grows

Meetings are free and open to all lactating parents and expectant parents, for comfort of attendees, some meetings are open to partners and other support team members, some are just for the lactating parent to respect their comfort and privacy to be able to nurse their  infant during the meeting.  Many are still learning how to nurse in a public setting, a meeting is a great place to practice and become more comfortable nursing around people they do not know.   Membership is not required. Bumps, Babies, and children are always welcome.

Many local Leaders are also available to answer questions by telephone or email. 
Check with your local Group for contact information.