La Leche League of MD-DE-DC
Providing breastfeeding support for parents in
Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia
For Supporting Leaders

The information and documents on this page are for current LLL Leaders working with Leader Applicants.
If you are a current Applicant or are interested in applying, please go to the Leader Applicants' page.

Leader's Pre-Application Packet - for pre-application dialogue with a mother interested in Leadership:
      Thinking about LLL Leadership (TALLL)
      Pre-Application Dialogue
      Appendix 17 Policies and Standing Rules Notebook: "Concept Policy Statements"  
      Appendix 18 Policies and Standing Rules Notebook: "Prerequisites to Applying for Leadership"
      Overview of Application Work for Leader Accreditation
      LLLI Purpose and Principles Reference Set  

TALLL's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LARK - Leader's Guide (Leader's version of applicant's information)
      Leader Applicant Resource Kit (LARK) contains instructions and assignments for Leader Applicants. The Leader's    
      version of LARK also has special notes to help you in your role as supporting Leader. You can find the most current 
      version on the LLL Alliance page for supporting Leaders.

Additional items:
      Application Flow Chart (to help keep track of Applicant's progress)

Leader's Recommendation Forms will be sent to supporting Leaders as a Word document which may be printed or filled out online and sent by email.  
Request a recommendation form.